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  7balls EX  

Going out tonight to play pool and old machine games with friends?
Do you know that old machine that you always want to play but is afraid of losing money or be ashamed in front of your fellows?
Now you can train hard, anytime, wherever you are with no fear of fail!
7Balls EX is an arcade game that you can take anywhere and have fun playing to see who can put more balls in the basket and score higher.
Do you think you can score the "absolute 10"?
7Balls EX is not a gambling machine. To show you so you can tilt your device left and right to place the ball in the best spot and release when you want and you can try to direct it to hit the basket. This way you can create infallible strategies to score higher than your friends.
7Balls EX is fun for everybody, without all that buttons and complicated movements to learn. Just "insert coin" and play!

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